Villages of Wakhan

Pamir Mountains

Tucked between the Hindu Kush range in Afghanistan and Pakistan on one end and the Pamir mountains on the other, the Wakhan corridor has seen empires come and go throughout the centuries. During summers its human inhabitants get from the land and their animals what they need to get through the inhospitable winters. Most foreigners coming here cruise quickly through on the famed scenic highway connecting Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan through the pamirs. We elected to stay for a few days exploring and getting a feel of village life on the Tajik side of the border.

General Landscapes


There was a time when various crops were grown here, but the Soviet arrival with its planned economy saw wheat becoming the primary crop.

Two girls.

Morning in the Village

Every morning starts taking the animals along the river pastures giving life to this land. And everybody keeps animals, unless they're employed by the few government positions available(schools, health centers) or part of the military. The herding and rearing of animals are shared responsibilities done by men, womenfolk and children alike.


Street Scenes