photog in istanbul


Awaiting news of my visa that was proving to take longer than anticipated, I found myself spending some days in Istanbul.

Istanbul, one of the world's metropolises is not an overly hot place, by Turkish standards anyway, but its humidity does make it easier to break a sweat.

At least to a Norwegian.
At least midday.

That's usually a bad excuse to stay inside, so when the worst of the heat calmed down, we explored various parts of the city using Istanbul's well-connected public transport.  

Istanbul is recognized by its cityscape spires(Minarets). Here on an overcast day.
The war in Syria sent many families fleeing. Most which ended up in Turkey.
The Galata Tower in the background. It's possible to access the tower which a lot of visitors do, for a fee and a long long wait however.

Street Markets

There are weekly streets markets in various parts of Istanbul some quite large in size where locals do their shopping. Busy markets, but a mostly vibrant and friendly atmosphere. 

More from the Streets

Istanbul is sliced up by the Bosporus, but bridges, tunnels and ferries make the city united.
Any photo exposition of Istanbul neglecting to feature the cat is probably an incomplete one. The cat enjoys a privileged position in Turkish society and can be found in abundance. It's almost rare not to find them overfed.
Boat Builders

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