In retrospect, it's puzzling how two months went by without my ever once setting foot in the higher mountains; the famed mountains of Nepal; the Himalayas. True though, we were going to the Far-West region of Nepal, to go village trekking, on roads that would be called bad even amongst those who've seen roads, but we found ourselves having to return midway, fearing the weather forecasts!

Later we learnt however that weather forecasts for this country is so unreliable that they're worth less than nothing. Although, it would be nice to go back a day and seek out these remote and more rarely visited villages, many still only accessible by foot.

Travelers to Nepal are quick to point out an apparent happiness of Nepalese people. Kathmandu notwithstanding, the, I should say, extremely busy and dusty capital, smiles and friendliness are found in abundance. I should not begin to speculate about the reasons, but the Buddhist-inspired culture, true or not, is commonly brought up as a culprit.

In any case, it seemed agreeable that Nepalese people serve as an example on the limits of material wealth vis-à-vis human happiness. 

Arriving Kathmandu, I'd had to leave my luggage behind at the airport in Dubai which gave me ample time to explore the cityscape waiting for it to arrive. Here is presented twenty photos to help spark an idea of the busy streets of Kathmandu.

Corn Snack

Porter carrying a load and richshaw waiting for a fair
Porter & rickshaw
Porters resting, waiting for work.
No Free Lunches -- Porter Waiting for Work.

For Sale
Live by the Sword ...

Young Recycler.
Young Salesman working the evening

A crew of two travels the city sharpening tools